Caterpillar Land Escape

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Ruby went into the caterpillar land as people calls it for the place was filled with so in different shapes and sizes, colors and awesome designs. She was quite the curious person especially when it is about nature, that’s why she went there even though she was warned that there are many dangers in the place. Ruby was not going to be stopped so she was given a companion just in case something happens, she has help. But little did she know that trouble will really seep even though they had made a safeguard to prevent that.

At first everything was fine and Ruby was even documenting the various caterpillars there on the vegetation and the old abandoned houses. She was careful though for there are real dangers of bears in the place, but her dangers were different there though, and it started when she and her companion lost sight of each other and now, Ruby is lost! Ruby was definitely scared when she realized that, but she expected this in the back of her mind to happen though, the thing was she didn’t expect it too much and now she had been caught off guard by it. Ruby knows that her companion knows this place, and the problem was her for she is not familiar of this forest. Escape players, looks like you are the only help Ruby can get here, want to help her then so she can escape the forest before it gets dark?

Caterpillar Land Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Caterpillar Land Escape

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