The city's underground network of sewers has been left unexplored for decades in Catacombs Escape game.

Catacombs Escape

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The city’s underground catacombs is a network of rooms and cells spanning hundreds of years old. A group of friends are currently exploring the place and carefully so. Anyone who comes unprepared gets lost eventually. One of the friends, Bo, is hoping to find the treasure that his ancestor left here. Finding an old journal belonging to a great, great, grandfather, it tells of successfully navigating the maze-like area, specifically the inner depths as a hiding place. Now Bo is trying to follow the steps that his ancestor left. Recounting the plan to his friends, Bo starts reviewing the old map he was able to procure. After all, a backup plan is inevitable, realizing that beyond the catacombs may mean trouble. Nevertheless, they welcome the risk as long as the treasure is within their grasp.

Catacombs Escape is escape the room type game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Imagine that you are trapped in a ancient catacombs. Explore each of the scenes, search for mysterious artifacts and useful items. Open all doors to advance and escape from rusty catacombs. Good luck!

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Walkthrough video for Catacombs Escape

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