Castle Prison Cell Escape Game

Castle Prison Cell Escape

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In the luxurious life of the king, there is always someone if not the enemy wants to have it and lucky for his highness, Leno has his back and he had been since the first. Leno was so good at his job as a castle detective that he thwarts coups and attempts before it even starts, but one day however, Leno got countered and as a result he was accused of conspiring with the enemy and was sent to the dungeon! Leno doesn't know why the king believed the accuser knowing he didn't do anything, maybe he really toiled with the king's mind resulting in him to believe, but Leno knows all too well that this is a tactic to take him out of the picture so the accuser's employer or the accuser himself can have his way with the king and potentially the throne!

Leno must escape now for each passing moment is the king's life hanging and also the people he governs. Leno doesn't want to be interrogated by his own men too for some things he didn't commit, he also knows very well that they do tortures for information. Escape players, Leno doesn't have much time left and he must escape so he can execute his plan. Will you help him just to escape this room so he can be on his way?

Castle Prison Cell Escape is a brand new point and click dungeon escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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