Castle Dungeon Room Escape Game

Castle Dungeon Room Escape

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Come and try this dungeon escape here with us! Castle Dungeon Room Escape is a brand new point and click anguishing room escape game released by Genie Fun Games. Have Fun!

The medieval times surely was a hard time to be when one has committed a crime especially espionage, for they really bring down the hammer on that certain someone by torturing until he or she speaks, that is exactly what happened to Luke as he was wrongly accused as a spy. The kingdom's knights and interrogators had really brought him a really bad time in his week stay in their dungeons, that day he have just about had it even though his moral was 6 feet below the ground. He told to himself no more creepy and cold nights in the dungeons here, he will escape even if it is the last thing he'll do.

Escape players, Luke here refuses to die and that is because they had accused him of something he was not guilty of. Even then they will end him for they can't just let a guy walk freely after they beat him up and wrongly accused him, so the only way now is out. Place yourself on Luke here everyone, try with all of your strength to escape and do it with absolute stealth. Good luck!


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