Cartoon Village Escape Game

Cartoon Village Escape

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When you were younger, you saw this storybook which contained beautiful drawings of houses. You studied the houses and their designs. And then you started copying them. After perfecting the copies, you tried to put your own spins to the drawings. You gave the houses a different vibe than the original. Then you started putting some colors on them. You didn't stop there. You went to a woodwork shop and asked your friend if you could make the models of the houses there. Your friend easily agreed and even offered to help. So you went there everyday and slowly made a village out of your miniature houses. Your friend enjoyed the work as well. You took your miniature village at home to place more decors on it. While walking from the shop, a farmer saw your work and told you of his village.

The conversation intrigued you so you went to the cartoon village as the farmer would call it. You saw the strange similarity of your work and the place. He planned to show you the plan of the village which would surely make you more amazed. But the farmer had a hard time getting out of his cottage. You needed to see the plan so you needed to help him out as well. Play Cartoon Village Escape outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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