3 Cartoon Chairs room escape Game

3 Cartoon Chairs room escape

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Jedrick Hall is a clown by profession. He prides himself in the laughter business and is very popular with the kids. Old Jed is one of the very few clows who does not believe in making people laugh by bullying others. A true entertainer has neverending tricks up his sleeve, he says. Jedrick never tires in coming up with new jokes and games for the children. To celebrate his thirty years in the business, he plans to have a party by inviting his patrons and their kids.

The day arrived with much excitement for everyone involved. Jedrick is putting on a show using his favorite things around the house. He always said his home is like a fun house of sorts and this made the children anticipate the event. In addition to the show, he's preparing treats for them like he always does. The show begins with three funny toonish chairs. He demonstrated that all chairs are eqiupped with buzzers and alarms. When he sat on the middle one, the chair gave way and along with the old clown, fell into the trap door.

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