Carrot Man Escape

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Carrot man who is a sentient carrot being is a friend to all especially in the village, well that’s because he is really good at farming and his produce helps the people there a lot. In turn they keep quiet of his existence for surely when city-folks finds-out about him then they will take him.

That day, Dominic is at the place of the carrot man which is situated in the forest where a simple house stands there. He is going to buy some fresh produce from him and it’s going to be a lot, that’s why he went there early. But there was actually a problem there though, and their friend carrot man needs help! Dominic just found-out that carrot man is trapped in his house and he doesn’t even know how or why! He is not just trapped in his house either, for he was also locked in this cage which Dominic have no idea that he even has and now he can’t get out! Dominic is filled with questions here now, even more so when he asked him if he needs help and he just stood there and didn’t answer. Well either way he is going to rescue him, for who knows when will the next guy come here and help him. Escape players, Dominic is going to need a little help here on this rescue, will you help him get carrot man out from where he is trapped and safely?

Carrot Man Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Carrot Man Escape

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