Carpenter Ryan Escape

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Ryan is definitely a professional and excellent carpenter, not only because he is the only accredited one there in the neighborhood, but his designs and finishes are really great. Even though his works started-out crude-looking, those always ended great and classic. That day, Shaw went to Ryan just to check the furniture he asked him to build, and probably a couple of beers too for the two are neighbors and friends. As Shaw arrives in the place however, there was a problem and Ryan really needs help now!

Shaw is confused though for he doesn’t understand why Ryan was trapped inside a room there in his house! He needs help and he had been trying to escape for half an hour according to him, but he built his door sturdy that’s why he couldn’t budge it even if he used brute force. Escape players, lucky for Ryan, Shaw arrived and he can help which he will, but he is also going to need some help for he is not too familiar with the house here and he might damage something important. Will you help Shaw here help Ryan escape without too much damage on stuff in the house?

Carpenter Ryan Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.