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The carnival had arrived in the town once again that year and as a person who was a fan of such, Geo was the first in line to try the medieval-looking challenges like the ruins. The room indeed looks medieval but Geo knows it is just decor and stuff, but it is weird tough for when he touch its walls, it seems to be very solid and it most certainly is rock. Geo is now inside the place and the torches there are now lit, the escape challenge begins, will Geo be able to get himself out of there as quickly as possible? Well he needs to bring-out the best of his skills and logic for that to work so escape players, will yours do as well?

Come and place yourself on the shoes of Geo here then! Be ready of to solve some mysteries there for the carnival's challenges often contains puzzles to be solved with compelling stories behind it. Stay alert as well for they like to scare people out of their wits too.

Ready yourselves everyone as you try the challenge here out. Carnival is a brand new point and click complex escape game released by First Escape Games.

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