Carnival 2 part 02 Game

Carnival 2 part 02

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On the previous escape, Bruce tried his best to find the carnival around the town and might have found it or not. This time escape players, we join another person who seems to have the exact same problem with Bruce but only the location was in a village and the sun was up. Toma had a great blast with his village's festivities last-night, he is a bit disoriented thanks to their homemade alcohol and it was known to have very powerful effects to people whenever they take it. But as Toma navigates to his home however, he realized that him being mildly disoriented is only the least of his problems.

Toma could not find anybody in the village and it's weird for people should be outside after the festivities. Which means something is going-on here and Toma is going to find-out soon if he continues to navigate through the village. There must be something dangerous happening here and if Toma wants to find-out, he needs to be slow and precise there. Escape players, join Toma here as he finds his way through the village as safely as possible.

Carnival 2 part 02 is a brand new point and click village escape game released by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the previous series.

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