Carnival 2 Part 01 Game

Carnival 2 Part 01

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Bruce had already headed to the town which was quite huge for a carnival is there and he was told it was going to be fun! Well fun yes, but currently Bruce is lost in the place and it's worst for he can't find anybody that can guide him to there, now this is not fun at all. Bruce knew he was in the right town, but he doesn't exactly know where the carnival is in that said town he is in and his friends have already left earlier than him that's why he can't get help from anyone he knows.

Bruce was a bit confused why there was nobody in the town, not a sight of even one person, maybe they are all at the carnival? That can explain why there is nobody around, but it is a disadvantage for Bruce for he can't get directions or any help. Escape players, Bruce here is still not going to abandon his goal to get to the carnival, will he still can before it closes for the day? Help Bruce here and see if you can navigate through the area. Spot clues then and keep your mind open.

Carnival 2 Part 01 is the newest point and click location escape game created by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the previous series as its sequel.

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