Caribbean Treasure Island Game

Caribbean Treasure Island

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Assume in this game you had just won a two-person journey to the Caribbean Islands because you had sent the bar code of a milk bottle and the prize was a journey. When you arrived home you announced this windfall to your wife who immediately climbed into your neck. A couple of days later you were already on a plane heading there. Getting out from the aeroplane you headed toward a taxi which transported you to the port. There you got on a small boat which funcioned as your hotel for the following days. You were sailing on the vast ocean for days undisturbed when one morning you glanced a small island. You asked the captain to halt there for an hour to feel the ground under your legs for a short time. Stepping into its shore you could feel a box under the sand. You dag it out and wanted to open but it was elaborately locked. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get back to the boat along with this acquisition and open it somehow. Good luck!


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