Cardboard House

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A new family was moving into this nice new home and it really suits them. As the father, Rob is now unpacking their stuff from their boxes and he is hurrying it up for there is a lot to do there. As Rob was really immersing himself in the works though, he suddenly noticed something very different and it’s about everything in the house.

Rob noticed that his family was not only nowhere to be found, but the entire house was now made of cardboard! Rob was definitely dumbfounded when he realized this, and he felt dizzy too. Did something mystical happened here? He said to himself. And where was his wife and kids? Okay, maybe he’ll try to get himself out of the place first for clearly he is having a hard time comprehending what just happened there. Escape players, want to help Rob at least in getting out of his now cardboard house so he can figure this out?

Cardboard House is a 3D point-and-click indoor escape game made by Crayfish. Come try this one!
Click here to visit the official developer page.

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Walkthrough video for Cardboard House

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