Car Garage Escape 2 Game

Car Garage Escape 2
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You're complaining about your garage door for weeks. However, you're very busy that you can't find time to fix. Sometimes it works well. But other times it just shuts itself. Since the defect is on and off, you manage to put the repair on hold. So now, you're still working on your car inside your garage. You like it here. You can have all the space you want. And all your tools are somewhere where your hands can reach. Then again, your feeling something weird inside your garage. It's like there's some unidentified force that sometimes drains you or your gadgets' energy. Every time you think about this, you're having goosebumps. And you'll end up leaving your work until morning comes. And now that this thought crosses your mind, you begin gathering your stuffs. But then a call is coming. You pause to answer the call.

After the call, you just want to be out of the room instantly. But as you approach the exit, you can't open it. Instead of forcing your way out, you sit back and try to finish your work before leaving. Yet, you can't sit still. You just have to get up and find a way to leave this room. Play Car Garage Escape 2 room escape game by 5n Games.

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