Captain Cactus Escape

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The town here has some pretty weird officials, like detective cat, deputy beaver, and their chief captain cactus. The town here is being governed and protected by unusual things, but they do a pretty good job and the people there respects them for that, especially captain cactus who was monstrously big for a cactus and is robust too. As a deputy himself, Carl wants to report something to the captain for their borders have signs of being violated. That’s rather a serious report and it needs to get to captain cactus right away. But guess captain cactus was in some serious situation at the moment, for Carl just found him inside a giant cage outside the station!

The captain is locked in and upon seeing that, Carl immediately moved. The captain said that he just woke-up there and he has no recollection of anything! This could be downright serious for Carl’s report could be of the same perpetrators as to the one who had done this to the captain. Carl needs to move then and quickly, for he doesn’t know how to open this cage and this rescue might take some time. Escape players, want to help here so that Carl can free their captain quick? Go ahead then and make haste so they can all deal with this a lot sooner.

Captain Cactus Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Captain Cactus Escape

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