Canyon Forest Escape Game

Canyon Forest Escape

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Most of the people go to France to see the Eiffel Tower but not you. You came here to go to the Canyon Forest. You are a nature lover so this is the first place on your itinerary. There are still so many places where you want to go but you can't get away from this place. The forest is indeed very amazing but you can't stay here for too long. You wish that you hired a tourist guide because you are on your own right now. There is nothing you can do but to find your own way to escape from this forest. You should not worry too much because there are clues that can help you to find the right path out. You only have a limited time to stay in this place so you have to escape as fast as you can.

Thankfully, there are items along the way that you can use for your escape plan. So when you see something which you think can help you, don't hesitate to collect it. Canyon Forest Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game from Avm Games that will test your logic. Good luck and have fun!

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