Can You Escape Jail Cell Game

Can You Escape Jail Cell

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It's late at night when the alarm went on. All of the jail guards are on full alert, only to find out that the prisoners planned to escape. Their plan turned out to be effective because they get to escape from this jail. Every single one of them is now free except you. You wish that you knew about that plan but they didn't disseminate the information to you. You are the only prisoner in this jail. Because of that, you have to make your own escape plan. The thing is, it will be harder for you because they adjusted the security features of the faculty. There are added puzzles in your cell that you need to solve before you can finally escape. It is your own logic that can make your escape happen.

On the good note, there are items in your cell that the prisoners left and you can use those for your escape plan. You can't spend your whole life in here just because of the fact that you littered a piece of candy wrapper on the street. The question is, Can You Escape Jail Cell? Play this brand new room escape game by 5n Games to find out. Good luck!

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