Can You Escape Ancient City Game

Can You Escape Ancient City

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While most people prefer to spend their vacations in modern cities, a part of you still wants to spend time with the ancient ruins. You feel like there's something mystical about them and you can somehow feel the power emanating from the old structures. You and your friend planned a trip a few months ago. This is the first time that you're both available to go on a trip together. However, when planning for the places to visit, you have contrasting choices. He wants too be in the city with all the modernity and technology while you want to spend time with the ruins of the ancient city. Since neither of you wants to back out from your choice of places, you decided to just split up. He will be enjoying the city while you explore the ancient city. You don't like being with a group of tourists.

So you take off on your own. You arrive there pretty early and find the place almost deserted. You immediately head to the highest part in the location to have a full view of the place you'll be exploring. However, instead of just looking at the place, you find an injured boy who needs your help. Play Can You Escape Ancient City outdoor escape game by 5n Games.

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