Can You Escape Locked House 2 Game

Can You Escape Locked House 2

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You don't have enough money yet, but when you reach your unlimited millions, you plan to buy a house. So every time you open your Instagram, you always look through various architectural designs. You likewise look through many interior designs and slowly put your house on paper. However, you still change your mind a couple of times. Anyway, you still don't have the concrete to build it with. Sometimes, you also walk around the neighborhood to look for more inspirations. There are some that looks like it popped out of a fairy tale. The garden is also full of beautiful flowers. It has an outdoor hang out space which you really wish to have in your future house as well. Then there are those that look like standard houses. The ones you usually find along your street. You also like the idea of how homey it looks like.

But the ones that screams luxury are the modern ones. You can already see yourself walking inside a contemporary house and watching your friends and family enjoy it. A noise wakes you up from your daydream. You look around then you see a house that somehow has a waving hand on the window. So you knock on the door but no one answers. You instantly know what to do. Play Can You Escape Locked House 2 room escape game by 5n Games.

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