Can You Escape Abandoned Place 3 Game

Can You Escape Abandoned Place 3

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It's hard to be a homeless person. You will do anything just to have somewhere to stay in. Luckily, you found an abandoned place in the forest. This place is a good place to stay if only you can fix it. So, you went inside to see what you can do. The point is, the owner won't leave this place unless something is wrong. So, you knew that something is wrong with this house. However, you didn't see that until you went inside. From there, you saw the torn up walls and the rusty doors. You have a lot of things to fix in this place so you planned to go out to gather some items. However, the rust on the door makes it hard to open it.

So, the first thing that you have to right now is to gather objects that you can use to open the door. However, those objects will mean nothing if you don't use your logic to maximize the use of each one of those. Can You Escape Abandoned Place 3 is a brand new outdoor escape game from 5n Games. Play this fun point n' click escape game and solve this puzzle to escape. Best of luck!

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