Can You Escape Abandoned House Game

Can You Escape Abandoned House

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Hooray! You managed to buy a new house in a private subdivision. It's nice to level up your lifestyle. This is the reward for years of hard work. However, you still need to go back to your old house to pick up your things. You went to your old house and reminisced about the great things that happen in here. You looked at the pictures and a tear jerked in your eye. But good times doesn't stop, you'll just continue it in a new environment. So you packed your things and said goodbye to your neighbors. When you looked inside your box, you realized that you left your favorite teddy bear in your room. You went back to your old house to get it. You rushed to your room but when you opened the door, you realized that it was locked.

The key was already in your box. You can't get out of your room, but there's still a way to solve this puzzle. There are objects in your room that you can use to escape. Collect those items and make it as an escape tool. Escape from the abandoned house before the moving truck leave you behind. Can You Escape Abandoned House is an exciting room escape game developed by 5N Games. Enjoy!

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