Camp Girl Escape

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John and his friends went to the woods that week for a fun and peaceful excursion. They all wanted to get away from the city and they thought the wilderness can release their stresses. Well that’s a good idea really, and for them it’s better for John is the owner of this cabin and he can see the area is safe. And so the friends stayed there for almost a week and that day, the time finally came that they needed to leave. But guess there was a problem, for one of his friends was experiencing a bit of a problem and she needs help!

John of course as the muscle of the group he must help his friend, but it seems that he needs some help as well! Escape players, John needs extra hands and brains here to help his friend, will you be able to see what’s the problem and assist them then? Go ahead and help them and as carefully as you can too, for if somebody gets hurt here then that’s not good for they are miles from civilization at the moment.

Camp Girl Escape is a new wilderness rescue escape game developed by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Camp Girl Escape

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