Calf Rescue Game

Calf Rescue

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Calves are one of the cutest animals on the farm. As a farmer, you really see to it that your farm animals are safe and happy. You don't lock them up because their freedom is very important to you. You believe that they are more productive if they can roam around the farm. Also, you are aware of the animal rights. So it really bothers you when you saw a calf locked up in a cage. You feel that this is not right. But you can't just barge in and free the calf because it has an owner. If the owner sees you roaming around his farm, he will charge you with trespassing. But it's past midnight and this is the perfect time to free the calf. Find a way to rescue the calf and just explain to the owner afterward.

For you, the welfare of the animals is more important than anything else. So find a way to unlock the cage and rescue the calf. There are items around the farm that you can use to unlock the cage. Do this before the farmer finds out. Play this brand new outdoor escape game from The Escape Games and complete the Calf Rescue. Best of luck!


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