Calf Escape Game

Calf Escape

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Your farm was the place where you could truly relax. None of your friends and bosses wanted to have a farm life. So they tried to be away from it as far as possible. This was good news to you since it meant that you could have peaceful days away from them. The animals kept you company and kept you busy. But this was the kind of busy you didn't have to push yourself to work on. You were simply excited and enthusiastic to go around the property and greet each of the animals. They all looked so calm and chill except for one calf. This calf seemed like a trouble maker since birth. You always had to think ahead and perform some safety measures just to keep the calf safe. It worked most of the time although sometimes you wished the mom could also discipline it.

It was one sunny day when you decided to take a walk at the very edge of the farm. You rarely do this because the area was so wide. But it seemed like you had extra energy for it. You started out very early to come home before the sun's heat became stronger later in the day. But you noticed the calf missing and you just couldn't wait for it to return. Play Calf Escape outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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