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Cafe Escape

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Ryan thought that the coffee hit him hard for he woke-up in a crazy situation. He remembered that he drank coffee in his home and fell asleep! Weird, who falls asleep while drinking coffee? There might be some people out there but what's more weird is when he woke-up and found himself in the coffee shop! Why though? He didn't even remember getting there even though sleepwalking can be an explanation for the town he lives in is not that big, so he can just walk on the streets to the shop while asleep. Maybe he did, but the shop was currently closed and Ryan is trapped inside! That makes it even more confusing.

Ryan needs to get out of there and he tried his best but still, none of the doors would open freely. How did he even get inside when the doors are locked? It even came to the point that he yelled to quit the prank for he had enough already, but it doesn't seem so. Escape players, confused as Ryan is he still has the sound mind to really try and escape from there. Would you join him and see what you can do as well in-order to escape?

Cafe Escape is the newest point and click shop escape game from Selfdefiant.

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