Butterfly House Escape

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One of the houses in the neighborhood seems to be unoccupied at the moment for the tenant have not returned for a while, that’s why the landlord who was Jenny checked the rooms for anything for she haven’t received payment too for months. There was definitely nobody inside and what’s left there are her things mostly butterfly decorations, untouched and unbothered. Wonder why she didn’t return? Jenny finished her checks and that didn’t help her at all in finding answers of anything. It was weird for she always receives rent on time and never misses, Jenny just hopes she’d return soon for the authorities have already been called for this matter.

Jenny was about to get out of the house when she realized that she couldn’t! Her focus was diverted to this and after a minute, this had gathered all of her attention for really she couldn’t open the door! Jenny is suppose to know the house here and how it works, but guess she is locked in now due to something she doesn’t know yet, and this is getting her a bit concerned. She thought then, this couldn’t be related to her tenant going missing is it? That’s a far-cry and she is believing more on the fact that this is an isolates incident, and she needs to leave right-now. Escape players, want to help Jenny here escape and safely from the house before something else happens?

Butterfly House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.