Butterfly Girl Escape From Forest House Game

Butterfly Girl Escape From Forest House

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The butterfly girl which lives in the forest house always gets trapped in something, if it is not in the house, it is inside a room or even in the cupboard! That's because she is quite the speedy little thing and she almost always gets herself in trouble. One day however, she got trapped once again in something and it is not behind some door or any normal place, but in some sort of bubble which seems to be magical in origin! Brent also lives in the said area and he was a great friend of the butterfly girl, he helps her with her house repairs and is always the first to respond whenever she gets into trouble. Well she did once again that day and she was lucky Brent happened to pass-by the area.

Brent saw what was going-on and right-after, she quickly brought his aid to the girl and he thought this can get pretty hard, for Brent never saw the little gal being trapped in something like this, either way he'll rescue her. Escape players, want to help as well and see if you can get the butterfly girl out safely? Place yourself on the shoes of Brent then and do whatever you can to pop that weird bubble or something.

Butterfly Girl Escape From Forest House is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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