Bunny Rescue (Nsr Games) Game

Bunny Rescue (Nsr Games)

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Your friend Bunny didn't like going out at night. His eyesight wasn't so great and the darkness could make it worse. So when you hang out, you make sure to bring him home before night. There was a time when he went out at night, he wasn't able to get home in three days. You didn't even know he left. All the while you thought he was just somewhere with his friends. You only knew about it when he showed up untidy in front if your house. You asked him the reasons and that was when he told you of his adventures. He was so happy about it thought. Then again, you knew that it would only be fun if he was safe. He didn't take any night trips since then. But he actually would only if he didn't promise you anything.

It had been awhile since you heard Bunny was in trouble. Most of the time he would just hop around your place then stop by and say hi. But he wasn't able to stop by one day. You waited for a while for his appearance. However, it seemed like he was out at night again. Play Bunny Rescue (Nsr Games) outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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