Bunny Kid Rescue (Games 2 Live)

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Varney is out in the forest this evening for he is looking for the bunny kid, it looks like a young bunny rabbit but it isn’t normal. This bunny is a magical creature and it can grant wishes, if one is worthy that is. That’s why Varney is looking for this tiny thing for he wishes to ask it something important. Well, he needs to find this thing then which is likely hidden in the dead of night here.

Escape players, Varney is now in this house which nobody is staying at the moment and he can see the bunny kid inside it! It is indeed hiding in something, he needs to get it out of there so he can say his wishes. Will you help Varney with this then? Go ahead then and try not to damage this home whoever this place belongs to.

Bunny Kid Rescue is a new point-and-click outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Bunny Kid Rescue (Games 2 Live)

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