Bungalow Attic Escape Game

Bungalow Attic Escape

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Your penfriend invited you to his home for the summer. He lives in Canada. You know him for 2 years now. Last year you invited him, so he's now repaying your kindness. You had a really good time together. Hopefully, it ill be the same or even better this time. When you arrived at the airport he was waiting for you. You the drove to the house and he showed you around. They have a nice, big bungalow. He told you to unpack your stuff while he go and do the shopping. After a while, he called you and asked you to search for his identity card, because he needs the number but left the card at home. It should be on the attic somewhere. If you don't find it there, check it outside the house. Maybe he dropped it. Good luck!

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