Bulgarian Boy Escape

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Arman’s closest friend is just nearby, in fact they are both in the same neighborhood there in the suburbs. His friend is from Bulgaria and even though he had only been in the place for a year now and his local dialect isn’t too good yet, they understood each other and became good friends. That day Arman has nothing to do, that’s why he decided to go to his friend’s house and maybe he has something interesting there in his plate like adventures or a thing to assemble. But as he went and arrived at the place however, his friend has something else and it was something indeed.

There was a problem at his friend’s and the trouble is upon him! Arman heard the call of his friend from inside the house and as he entered, he came to know that his friend got trapped in a room in there! Arman tried to look for his siblings and parents, but they were nowhere to be found and it’s weird. There is a likely chance that the residents of the house left and his friend here chose to stay, but then he got trapped and he couldn’t get out as well as get help. Okay, he is lucky Arman is here, and you too escape players! Want to help-out here and see if you can get Arman’s friend from being trapped in a room there safely?

Bulgarian Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.