Bulbul Bird Escape

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Angelo have traveled farther into the forest now for he had been searching for anything interesting there in the place and so far, no stuff had come up. Angelo still kept going for discoveries are only there staying put and he needs to keep going just to find such. As he travels through, he found this small beaten path and because he was curious, he followed it. That led him to a place where an old house was and it seems that there was nobody home, he was already on-edge though for there are reports of armed poachers in the area and as he checks the place, he thought he might have found one!

There were cages in the place and one of them has these two birds which looked familiar to Angelo. The birds were indeed Bulbul birds and those are quite threatened here in the country, he even sees those things rarely! Angelo tries his best to preserve this place while he searches interesting stuff there, so this infuriates him a bit. Eventually, he finally decided to free those birds for they don’t look well in that cage, he needs to be quiet and careful here too for he is not minding his business here anymore? Want to help him escape players for this rescue for the threatened animals? Quietly then and try not to be seen.

Bulbul Bird Escape is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Bulbul Bird Escape


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