Buffalo Escape From Cave Game

Buffalo Escape From Cave

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Living in a part of the plains has its own hardships and one of them is wrangling the animals everyday after they have waded, among the animals of Ali who calls himself the master of the place, are buffaloes and he knows every single one of them, they even have names which distinguishes them all. One afternoon as the sun was coming down, Ali wrangled the lasts of his animals back into their pens but there was one animal missing, and unfortunately it's one of his buffaloes!

Ali quickly got out to the fields to search for it and find clues that can lead to where that animal might be, maybe a sign of a struggle but nothing was there. After an hour of searching, Ali was losing hope until he remembered something. There was this cave in the middle of the fields and the animals are always curious of it, Ali went there and to his surprise there was a giant stone door sealing the entrance! That really gave him very convincing thoughts that his buffalo might be inside. Escape player, the buffalo could definitely be inside and Ali will definitely open the seal, will you help him out for there seems to be some puzzle on it.

Buffalo Escape From Cave is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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