Buddy Save The Bear

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Your friend buddy is out in the forest again, well buddy isn’t actually a real buddy, for she is a girl and you only called her buddy for you thought she was a guy in your first meet, but that kind of got used to now and you just call her buddy all of the time. It befits her though, for buddy was kind of like boyish and was ready for adventures any day. In fact she even has a pet bear and that thing is huge! That’s the reason though why Buddy is in the forested land that day, for she couldn’t find her bear and the only place to look for it now is the nearby forest, well there is no other logical place to look now so she went.

Well buddy is right on that for she will soon find her bear there in trouble and it’s not just some ordinary trouble, for what troubles it is actually man-made! You decided to tag along with buddy for you got the feeling that there will be an issue there, and you were right on that too. Escape players, you will now be in the situation here as buddy’s friend, will you be able to help her with whatever is troubling her bear so they can all go back home safely?

Buddy Save The Bear is a new wilderness animal rescue escape game developed by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Buddy Save The Bear


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