Bubble Monkey Escape Game

Bubble Monkey Escape
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Monkeys are usually naughty but there is one monkey in this place that you like. That monkey is so bubbly and that what makes her special. You love to visit her and give her banana every morning. However, that is not the situation for today. The bubble monkey is not in the room. You know that the other monkeys in the area are tricky. You feel that they pulled a prank on the bubble monkey so you went down to check the situation and you are right. They did pull a prank on the poor monkey. They locked her in a cage and her bubbliness turned into sadness. You have to help her to escape from the cage as fast as you can. The naughty monkeys won't give you the key so you have to find another way to unlock the cage.

There are so many items in the place that you can collect and use to open the cage. Use your logic and look for clues that can help you to solve this puzzle. Bubble Monkey Escape is a brand new point n' click outdoor escape game from Avm Games that will test your escape skills. Good luck and have fun!

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