Brutus Actor Escape

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Brutus is quite a famous theater actor and that day he will be needed for the deadline is getting very near and maximum rehearsals must be done now. As a person who has the job of getting the actors from their residence to the venues, Presley will be going to Brutus’ home now so he can take him to the rehearsal, well it was suppose to be just a pick-up and leave but as he got to the place however, he never thought he will be doing a rescue!

Presley arrives and when he got out from the van for he didn’t see Mr. Brutus from outside his house, he heard his cry for help! Presley quickly went into action for he was startled and he thought it could be that Mr. Brutus is in some trouble! Well he is but not in a too serious one though for he is okay, well it could get worst if it takes too long. Escape players, Presley found Brutus trapped in his room and he couldn’t escape! Brutus doesn’t know what’s happening but he needs help right-now and quickly, will you be able to help Presley here help Brutus so they can both leave then?

Brutus Actor Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.