Brown Hen Escape

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Kevin’s small chicken project is starting to pick-up, for after he lost his rooster a few days ago, his hen started to lay eggs! It could either be fertile or not but he needs to buy a new rooster now for the hen will likely lay and lay until she is good, so for that it needs a male. That morning, Kevin decided to check his hen before he leaves to buy a rooster in the town, but when he tried the door of the chicken coop house which he built however, he realized that the keys weren’t suppose to be where he had put it and now it seems to be gone!

Kevin thought maybe he had placed it somewhere else? Then where? Maybe he did really, for nobody else is here but him, unless if there is somebody messing with him here and right-now even, they could be behind some bush anticipating this for a laugh. Well there is no evidence for that, Kevin is more likely to have misplaced that key and now he needs to find it. Escape players, imagine you are Kevin here and breaking the coop is not an option, you need to find the key here somewhere so now, will you have the skills and logic for that? This is kind of a rescue too for the hen, for he can’t feed her if he can’t open the coop.

Hen Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Brown Hen Escape


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