Brown Furnishing House Escape Game

Brown Furnishing House Escape

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Assume in this game you are a medical worker who have been working in a hospital for years. One day your boss came into the ward and asked you to join him for a conversation. You were totally unaware of the topic of the discussion so entered into his office astonished. As it turned out the head of the hospital wanted to send you for a course which main goal was to develop the abilities of the nurses in their trade. A couple of days later you were already in the nearby forest which was the home of a neat hotel bedecked perfectly just with wooden furnitures and gadgets. When you arrived you went up into your room to take a small nap before a nursing reunion. One hour later while you were getting up from your bed you realized the door of the apartment became locked during your dreams. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out somehow. Good luck!



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