Brown Christmas Room Escape Game

Brown Christmas Room Escape

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It seems that the neighborhood is building escape houses with color codings now, for they built another escape house on Christmas day which has a code of brown, that means it's for kids but as a kid and a challenger as well, Lino is definitely perfect for it. Lino didn't want to try the houses which has a higher color code for those are for the older kids and nor he is allowed to even go in those for he was still young. At least there is something for them kids and that day Lino is going to try it.

As Lino enters the escape house, he saw that the place was a normal one, well except for the doors which won't open no matter how he tried. Okay, now the challenge for him begins and he is only a bit ready for this. Escape players, Lino is set to accomplish this challenge here but he doesn't know if he is able to get this done, will you help him out so he can finish this escape successfully? Go ahead then and solve each and every puzzle there in-order to escape the place.

Brown Christmas Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Games 4 Escape.

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