British Privateer Escape Game

British Privateer Escape

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Jack have been held prisoner for a long time in this British privateer and according to his calculations, they should be nearing land now for he had counted the days and the traveling speed of the vessel. One night it was time, Jack will be leaving now for the entire crew of the ship have drank too much booze and this time not one is spared. This is the right opportunity now even though this happens occasionally, that's why this is not new but what's mysterious though is why everybody was knocked-out and not one guard was even left sober to keep an eye on them. Well, would he ask any more questions knowing that this is his chance.

Jack escaped his cell but that is just a part of all of this, for he needs to get-off the ship with all the supplies he needs until he reaches land. First he needs to find any valuables there that are secretly hidden and food too that will last him for his journey, he needs to be quick as well for there isn't much time here. Escape players, you will now be playing as Jack who was ready to escape this privateer, will you be able to without anybody noticing?

British Privateer Escape is another new point and click ship escape game made by 365 Escape.

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