Brill House Escape Game

Brill House Escape

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Sheila got this beautiful classic house and even though there are signs of it being old, the color of the place which was lilac is giving it still a roomy and comfortable vibe. Sheila had already decided to get the place, now it is time to move in with all the things she owns from her previous house which was in an apartment in the city. Finally, some peace and quiet in the suburban area here free from pollution, she pondered to herself. But then she got caught off guard of something that had happened there one day however, and it was definitely a problem!

Sheila could not open her doors and it's not just one, but all of the exits! It's like she had been enclosed in the house now by somebody! She  just hopes it's not something or this will be hard to cure. Sheila is determined to escape and find-out what's happening for this is her new home now, and everything happening in there she must answer to it. Escape players, she is going to need a little help in the escaping part though, so will you give her a hand with that?

Brill House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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