Brighton School Girl Escape Game

Brighton School Girl Escape

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Try the fun rescue here in the vast school everyone, and may you make it successful. Brighton School Girl Escape is a brand new point and click school rescue escape game released by Games 2 Rule. Have Fun!

There was a Saturday class that day and there is only a few people in the building at the moment. One who also has a Saturday class was Sunshine and it's always exhausting especially when one is suppose to be sleeping at home on the weekend. Joey who works as a security-guard there sees these routines everyday of every week, but that Saturday however it's going to be different and unfortunately, that situation isn't going to be a good one.

Class had finally ended and Joey was checking the students one by one until, he noticed there was one that hadn't come out, the headcount was short one person but Joey waited for a bit still, an hour later and this one student who was Sunshine still hasn't come-out yet. It's not like she can't find her way out for she is not new to the place, she can obviously easily leave so that means there something might be going-on. Joey called his partner to take-over in the gate so he can check the rooms of the school and find Sunshine who hasn't come-out yet, escape players care to join in with Joey here and see if you can all find that girl Sunshine somewhere? Go ahead then and stay alert for you don't know what's the first thing to expect. Good luck!

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