Brighid Fantasy Land Escape Game

Brighid Fantasy Land Escape

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Leila knows that the forest just beyond her garden is not a place easily ventured into, for there are a lot of people already who went in there and some wouldn't even return until hours later! It was only then that they tell their story what happened to them and they actually got lost! But they thankfully managed to free themselves with unfortunately a cost though, and that's the fear of not going in there again. Leila however was curious, but because she was always busy, she couldn't find the time to go in until today when she had nothing to do.

Leila carried everything that she has which she thought might be needed in her short journey there, well she is going to wish she had brought enough for just like the others who went in the forest, she also got lost! Leila got quite uneasy then for she never really thought this was going to be hard to solve. She felt constricted by the forest and she can't think straight. She is really going to need some help here now but the only ones she'll get is from you escape players, will you be able to provide it using your skills and logic?

Brighid Fantasy Land Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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