Brighid Autumn Forest Escape Game

Brighid Autumn Forest Escape

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The entire forest was named the Brighid forest for there was once a girl who got lost in there a century ago and people never really found her, weeks turned to months to years, but she was never found. The girl was a good one and she served as a really great helper in their village, one day she just went in there and was never found. The forest is now named in honor of her so she won't be forgotten, rumor has it too that the place had never been easy to venture into after the incident, that's why more and more people gets lost in there and that includes Darwin who was the latest one and was trying his best to get back out now before the sun really sets!

Escape players, there is still a chance to save Darwin here before he becomes the next victim of the notorious Brighid forest, will you be able to help him out before this thing gets bad enough that a search party will be once again deployed? Ready yourselves then and be quick but careful, for you don't want to push Darwin deeper into the forest.

Brighid Autumn Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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