The house rose as black and white blocks have been positioned in the Bricks of Black and White 2 game.

Bricks of Black and White 2

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A wealthy man wants a black and white house. He challenges his contractors to create bricks that are either pure black and pure white. The contractors finds the request strange but they are trying to find materials they can use to fulfill it. Eventually, the black and white bricks came into fruition, and following after, is the construction of the house. Soon, the two-storey house stands tall and the contractors found themselves delighting the sight of it. The wealthy client, finds it impressive and because he likes the house so much, he decides to reqard the contractors even more. He invited them and their families to the house warming party in three days. He will be setting up a treasure hunt game for them to commemorate the construction of his home.

Second part of partially black and white escape game series created by Ainars for Escape Fan is arrived. Explore abandoned garage, find various vintage items like floppy’s and soccer balls. Obtain 7 golden bolts and exit key to escape. Have fun!


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Walkthrough video for Bricks of Black and White 2

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2 years ago

new escape games every day????