Brick House Gentleman Rescue Game

Brick House Gentleman Rescue

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Your boss have called for you so you can take him to the office which he obviously owns. You usually pick him up at his house in the luxurious suburban area, but that day he was at his vacation home which was far away from the office and the place is entirely made of bricks. You were a bit confused why he wanted to be picked-up from that far for he can drive to the city if he wanted to so why does he need you? But it is the boss' request and you must fulfill it. And so you drove for a couple of hours and when you arrived to the place, you called then for your boss so you can both leave soon, there was no answer. Little did you know something had already happened to your boss and you now must do something right away!

You heard your boss call for help in one of the rooms there, he said he was trapped and he doesn't know why. Well he might not know the reason why, but you were already formulating things in your mind what could have happened and one, there might be somebody there in the rooms hiding and waiting to attack! Escape players, you need to get your boss out of there then for his life could be depending on it. Will you be able to get him out quickly and safely as well?

Brick House Gentleman Rescue is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by Ekey Games.

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