Breeze (Demo)

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Looks like detective Herman III has a lot of tasks to do here, at the moment he is in Ereb village which was located in the remote valley to find an individual there who was Chrys. Among other things, he still has a lot to do but that’s all for now and the boss man is expecting some results in this mission.

Escape players, Herman III is pretty excellent in his work, but at the moment he cannot get any information in verbal form for the villagers are currently in an event, and its called sleeping day, which is as the name suggests everyone is asleep there. Okay then, will you help Herman III here as he tries to find clues on Chrys?

Breeze (Demo) is a demo version of a point-and-click retrieval adventure game created by Lushu, XieChenlei, and Akahkun. Explore the village on a beautiful mountain and find the missing lamb.

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Walkthrough video for Breeze (Demo)

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