Break The Lock 02

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In the previous escape adventure, we joined Lee who was lost in the park with his friends and with your help escape players, Lee was able to escape the place and found his friends safely. Little did he know though in the office which was the only one in the park, there was a same situation that’s going-on and that’s what Emi found the same day when Lee got lost.

Emi works at the office in the park which specializes of course as the office there, they process everything from park weddings held there, birthday parties, and even approving some recommendations when something needs to be added to the place or repaired. Emi returned to her cubicle after she took some coffee from the dispenser, the moment she entered the office she found nobody else there and it was weird! For her co-workers were there when she left a few minutes ago. Is this a prank? Do they even have the time to do so despite being busy? That’s just the tip of Emi’s problems though for when she was about to leave their office she found that the doors which she just passed through was now locked! This is some problem here definitely. Escape players, Emi is pretty shaken-up already, will you be able to help her before another thing happens? Place yourself on her situation then and bring-out the best of your escape skills.

Break The Lock 02 is the newest point and click office escape game from First Escape Games. This game is a part of the first game as the start of the series.