Break Free Space Station Game

Break Free Space Station

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Dennis had a rough night and the last thing he remembered was sitting-down on a curb and everything then went fuzzy. Dennis hears occasionally loud rumblings from a rocket or something and then passing in and out from consciousness. Finally, he wakes-up watching the stars above behind some glass, he quickly rose-up then and found himself in some sort of bunker which seems familiar. Dennis tried to think where he saw such a place and then it hit him, he is on the moon right? In the base there? He definitely was and he has no idea why he was even in the place for he has nothing to do with space especially being trained to go there!

Dennis still feels like he is in a dream or something, but he knows this is real and he must find his way back home now even though there is potentially no way he'll be getting off from the place alone. Maybe there is. Escape players, will you help Dennis here with his very weird situation and see if you can all escape back to Earth? Place yourself on his situation then and find things that can help you.

Break Free Space Station is a brand new point and click space escape game from Selfdefiant.

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