Brave Merida Escape

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Kipp will be going to queen Merida’s simple home again where she goes once or twice a month, she doesn’t like too formal things and when she’s tired and there is nothing to do in the castle, she goes there. Although it’s not always smart to go there when she is in that area for it is only when she is not to be disturbed, Kipp will just hold-on to their friendship and hopefully he doesn’t get scolded, and besides he’s got her favorite snacks. But as Kipp arrives at the place however, there was actually an issue there and because she is alone in the place, she couldn’t get any help!

Kipp quickly moved when he heard Merida’s call for help from the inside and there were some loud scuffling in some rooms inside. Kipp was concerned for his safety too but for Merida here, he will do the rescue still. Escape players, You will now be on the shoes of Kipp here and you will be helping on the rescue for queen Merida. This is such a disadvantage why she should go there alone, but that will be a concern for later, what’s important now is to rescue Merida. Will you be able to make it though and find-out then what happened?

Brave Merida Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Brave Merida Escape


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